about us

Hello and welcome. My name is Kent and I'm passionate about preserving high quality console stereos, primarily the solid state units made in the nineteen sixties. My love for electronics began as a child. Over the years I've collected and restored classic arcade games, jukeboxes and pinball machines.

My interest in console stereos began in 2011 shortly after the passing of my father. I was attending an estate sale and came across a console stereo similar to the one my parents had when I was a child. Still dealing with the loss of my father, and feeling nostalgic, I decided to purchase the 1966 Magnavox AstroSonic. The company managing the estate sale told me the console stereos often don't sell, and are usually carried to the curb afterwards. I found this realization troubling.


After getting this beautiful "Maggie" home and turning her on, I was immediately transported back in time, some forty odd years when I was a young boy. As I sat there listening, long forgotten memories of holiday parties and family celebrations came flooding back to me. What I could not appreciate as a child, became apparent to me then, the sound quality of the music emanating from this beautiful, fifty year old, handcrafted piece of furniture was truly spectacular.

Owning a console stereo for our family, and many others at the time was a big deal. Many console stereos, especially ones with a television, was a significant purchase, selling for almost a quarter of what a new car cost back then. The thought of these cherished family treasures being hauled to the curb was unacceptable.


With the unswerving support of my beautiful and incredibly patient wife Andrea, I began rescuing console stereos, restoring them to their original glory, and then finding them new forever homes. To date, we've rescued and re-homed over fifty consoles stereos made by brands such as Magnavox, RCA, Zenith, FIsher, and Voice of Music. The best part of this has been connecting with others who share our love for these amazing pieces of audio and cultural history. We appreciate your interest in what we do, and are available to help you with any questions you may have.

In the unlikely event someone doesn't recognize rock legend Steven Tyler of Aerosmith in the picture above, I'm the guy on the left. Cheers.

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